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Price has been reduced! 3 hours of tutorials, party footage, and awesome glowsticking and glowstringing.

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About the Art of Glowsticking DVD

The Art of Glowsticking DVD is a 3 hour presentation with glowsticking, glowstringing, and rave footage from Chicago, California (North and South), New York, as well as a variety of other places over a span of 3 years. Features an indepth tutorials and videos on both freehand glowsticking and glowsticking with strings (glowstringing). Contains bonus footage.

The official trailer

Some of the things the DVD contains

Glowsticking, glowstringing, and video tutorials. If you've ever wanted to learn how to dance with light sticks or glow sticks, and want to join an awesome community, this is a perfect way to learn more about both the glowsticking and rave cultures. Hours of rave, glowstick, and dance footage makes this an awesome experience, not to be missed.

Price has been reduced!

The price has been reduced for a limited time from $29.99 to $27.99!

Attention T. Schmidt!

The address you gave me was apparently invalid, and the email you have at hotmail no longer works! Please contact me at your earliest convenience along with your full name, address, etc to verify identity so i can get your order to you ASAP!

About the shipping: Part 2

Sales were better than expected, so I finally managed to pack all domestic orders and they will be sent out 4/20. International orders will also be sent USPS global priority on 4/20 as well. Sorry for the delay. For now, I advise everyone to order from filmbaby as they are actually a professional outfit that can send DVD orders quickly.

About the shipping

I'll be in New York from 4/11 to 4/15 so orders will go out the week after on the 18th. If you want it NOW, then try filmbaby. they also charge lower shipping and probably ship it to you right away.

Purchasing the DVD

We have stopped selling the DVD's directly, but you can still order from Filmbaby.com for both US and International orders. They charge less for shipping than I would and they are more prompt.

The Contest

There are 162 DVD's eligible for the contest, of which there are 4 winners. The prize is a round trip ticketto any GS.C meetup. That's an amazing chance to win. Learn more here.

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Mailing the DVD's out: Pictures

Here you can see us working hard to mail the preorders out.

Everything is Done: The numbers

98 Total Preorders. 8 of which were international orders (even though it was clearly stated there was no international orders), although 2 people asked nicely (thanks guys), and of which 4 orders were from the military. Thanks guys! For you international orders, you ain't gettin' them! Hah! Just kidding, of course, even that one guy in Japan.



Last day to preorder

Last day to preorder is March 16th. Just to be sure, EVERY preordered dvd will be the special edition that's marked with a hologram from 1-500 that comes with a glowstick

Update 2!!!!

Check out production pictures. And check out a little video of the menu.


DVD's wil take 2 weeks for the factory, factory will finish around 3/15, and depending on how long it takes to get to my place, everything will be mailed out on the 3/20th!!! Get reaaaady!

What is it?

The "Art of Glowsticking" is a 3 hour+ DVD jam-packed with both freehand glowsticking and glowstringing footage, as well as interviews, tutorials, and miscellenious rave footage. This DVD is the product of over 3 years of footage and is produced by glowsticking.com.

When is the expected release date?

We have wrapped up production and will be sending for final production in a few days. it should take the factory a few days. - Wednesday, February 22, 2006. We will find out when exactly everything will be sent out back here from the factory. A few days afterwards, we will then ship everything out. We should have the exact date by March 3rd at the latest. From that date, I expect it to take 2-3 weeks at the latest. We apologize for the short delay.

How long is the preorder period and do I save any money by preordering? What benefits do I get from preordering?

Preorders are either the first 200 OR until mid February, and yes there will be discounts. The first 200 orders will receive an individually numbered and signed DVD will also receive an ultra high intensity glowstick that will also be numbered. The first 200 orders will be paired randomly.

What will be pricing of the "Art of Glowsticking" DVD?

Preorders for glowsticking.com supporters will be 23.99 (please go to glowstcking.com for details about membership). For everyone else it will be 28.99. The MSRP will be 30.99 but could be higher or lower depending on what venders will do. Shipping will be using USPS.

How much is shipping? Will there be international shipping?

Shipping is 8 dollars to anywhere in the US and that includes everything. No additional charge. International orders will be accepted for a slightly larger fee.

Can I get this from anywhere else?

A few people will receive this for free for their efforts in helping to create this DVD. You will probably already have been notified or will soon be notified.

I am a merchant, I would like to sell this DVD.

Please email admin @ glowsticking.com for details.

Is this DVD "legal". Does it contain bootleg music? Does it contain illegal music or copyrighted material?

This DVD is completely legal. All music has been made by underground enthusiasts. It contains no illegal copyrighted material. Stock footage that is in the public domain has been used from the Prelinger Archives when applicable.

What's the return and exchange policy?

Don't worry, if your disc is scratched we can send you a new one and the shipping of the DVD back to us is paid by us. We do not accept returns for non-defective media because frankly, you could have watched it already and we are not a rental service. In addition, the web site shows clearly what this DVD is about. You must make your return request within 5 days of receiving the DVD. Send an email to admin @ glowsticking [dot] com

I woudl like to sell this DVD in my store

Email admin @ glowsticking [dot] com